"How to combine red with leather driving gloves, 

without making it "cheezy?"


We, of course, did not base our design of our driving gloves entirely on behalf of our own taste. We really made some effort when designing our driving gloves, and trying to design something to anybody's liking, or better said: to anybody's beloved vehicle. Such as the Rosso Accesso driving gloves series. 

In this article, we are going to share some in-depth information about our design process. As a starting point, such as for all our designs, we investigated the most common car colors around. Now, red is not the most common color for an exterior/interior, apart from Ferrari, but this color can be found in a wide range of cars. Mainly in details. 

Think about the widely used calipers in the color red. I mean, it's even the most often color Brembo uses. Furthermore, makers or cars do like to indicate particular model edition by coloring badges or certain letters in red (GTI, GT-R.). I think there is no need for an explanation why these badges are red :-).  Zooming in on the interior, needless to say, red stitching can often be found in car models and for example, the Mercedes AMG GT-R black edition even has complete red seat belts. Take a look at your dash, what color are the indicators? 

Since red is a pretty aggressive and present color, we decided to design a driving glove in such a way the color is similarly used as in the car industry. By only making the outside stitching red, we enlighten the special stitching technique used for these unique driving gloves. Giving a wink to the red details makers use.

We specifically did not choose to make a full red driving gloves series, since there are many different kind of reds out there. Needless to say, if your car does have a different kind or red color in comparison to our red driving gloves, it's not a good match in our opinion.

The black palm design of the driving gloves have been chosen since every car does have black features, only think about the tires or dash. To give it a little more contrast we chose to pick a gray color for the palm, making it a fantastic duo-tone design. 

So, now it's up to you to find those red details on your car and persuade to drive tastefully with this Rosso Accceso driving gloves series, whereby matching your cars image!

We help you to show your car passion, wear OPINARI.

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Ferrari red driving gloves
Ferrari red driving gloves
Ferrari red driving gloves


red driving gloves
Ferrari red driving gloves