We offer you a better driving experience. 

Drive better. Drive in style.

A speed enthusiast, gas burner, or automobile enthusiast shares a profound bond with their vehicle. The car becomes an extension of their identity, a reflection of their individuality, a source of passion, a way of life, and an embodiment of their belonging to a subculture.

When comparing motorcyclists to car drivers, a noticeable contrast emerges. Motorcyclists distinguish themselves through their attire, making a bold statement and openly expressing themselves by coordinating their outfits with their motorcycles, riding with style.

This is an aspect that we, at OPINARI, believe the automotive community lacks among car drivers. We aspire to cultivate a similar sense of self-expression and fashion within the 

car-driving community. Drive better. Drive in Style.

"If you are a sports fanatic, there are plenty of brands to feel comfortable with and express your passion, but for a speed addict there were relatively few options, until now!"

Sander Everlo - Founder

This woman knew how to make an entrance. The idea was born.

The idea for OPINARI came about when we witnessed a Ferrari roll into a local car event with a stunning lady driver at the wheel. 

She was dressed to kill, perfectly matching the spec of her black 458 Italia. Being the only one to properly match her outfit to the car in terms of her jacket, driving gloves and goggles, her appearance struck us and right then and there OPINARI was born. 

Since she was the only one of all the visitors who matched their cars image, we understood it was time to Drive Better. To Drive in Style. 

A name and logo
that suit the brand.

Our brand name OPINARI stands for imagine ~ suppose. Imagine yourself driving towards the sunset, endless roads, and your car that offers you the ultimate freedom. ⁠

A third of our logo consists of a wheel, the most essential element of your beloved vehicle whereas the spokes of this wheel resemble the magical rays of the sun on the horizon. The horizon that draws you in and stimulates you to keep on driving. The bird represents ultimate freedom, the feeling a car offers you. 

Finally, all elements seamlessly converge within a harmonious circle. The wings of the bird form the last connecting piece of a T-shaped heart that belongs in any steering wheel. 


Designed with detail


Premium materials


Crafted with care

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

Each of our products is handcrafted and put through strict procedures to match the OPINARI philosophy. All of our products are inspired by the automotive industry and went through an extensive design process to translate car characteristics into unique creations, unmistakable supporting your personal car lifestyle.

Our designs and products are not only unique but also uphold the highest standards of quality and finishing. They are carefully handcrafted using traditional methods by the finest artisans in Italy, ensuring that we surpass all expectations and enhance your driving experience.







OPINARI drivers throughout 

the world