How to maintain your driving gloves

Driving gloves maintenance advise 

Maintain your driving gloves
Maintain your driving gloves

1. Maintenance

Did your beloved driving gloves get wet and injured? Just let them dry naturally. Do not try to dry them by heating them or putting them near a heat source! This will cause the leather to dry out and become stiff. If your men's driving gloves got wet, use a dry cloth, but do not rub! Let your hand gloves dry flat at room temperature. 

CAUTION!  In case you have a duo-tone design or contrasting thread, and your driving gloves got wet, dry them as stated above but do avoid the two leather colors touching each other by placing paper towels inside the gloves and fingers. This way you can try to avoid colors running into each other. Even though our strict colorfastness tests, it's almost inevitable to avoid running colors when our driving gloves are getting wet.

If the driving gloves are dirty, put the gloves on, then wash your hands as usual(gentle) while wearing the gloves. You may use a drop of mild soap or body wash (not a sanitizing hand soap that contains alcohol or a grease- fighting dish liquid). Pat the gloves dry and lay them flat on top of a towel, making sure the fingers lie in a natural position.  

CAUTION! Do not wash your gloves when you have a duo-tone design or a contrasting thread color. It might be that the leather color bleeds into the lighter color.

Maintain your driving gloves

2. Stretch

Peccary leather driving gloves can become a bit stiff over time. Every so often, make sure you give your gloves a gentle, lengthwise stretch across the edge of a table, and stretch each finger individually. Leather is a tough material, and careful yet firm stretching keeps the leather flexible and strong for prolonged satisfaction. 

Maintain your driving gloves

3. Flat & Dry

Keep your leather in cool, dry places away from sunlight and direct heat.Using our Essentials case is the best solution. When you store your gloves, also make sure they are positioned horizontally to avoid wrinkling or discoloration. Do not store your gloves wet – make sure you completely dry them first.  

Maintain your driving gloves

4. How to properly put your driving gloves on

To put on your gloves, try not to put the gloves on by pulling at the wrist. Instead, push the fingers down. 

Maintain your driving gloves

5. How to take off your driving gloves

Try to never take of your gloves by pulling only one finger. Loosen all fingers and pull all fingers at the same time. 

Blue leather driving gloves

6. Last but not least, the driving gloves are yours and yours only.

There will be an occasion where someone wants to know how it feels to wear OPINARI gloves. However, similar to shoes, our gloves will adjust to your hands. To not stretch the leather and keep the stitching in a good shape, we recommend not to lend them to anybody else.Leather deserves a break once in a while. Because of the tough work some leather gloves are being put through, it’s wise to keep multiple pairs on you, and switch them around every few days. This will keep the gloves from dealing with too much tension, and gives them a chance to breathe and work through the oils and impurities in their system before tackling another day.