The story about
why we use peccary
leather for our
driving gloves

Peccary leather driving gloves

Why have we chosen peccary leather for our driving gloves?

To start with; we wanted to create driving gloves that are lasting for decades because of our very own reason. Do you recognize yourself when I say; 

I can’t get rid of this old leather jacket, because … I have experienced so many moments with it, we share history! It’s not a product anymore, it’s alive through my own memories! Sure, there are newer and better jackets on the market for sale, but they don’t have the emotion I got with this jacket. The first time out, the first time travelling together, the first time you got into a fight with your girlfriend” … I think I have said enough, you get my point.

In a world which is going faster and faster, creating history and cherishing memories has never been more important than it is today. We believe that our customers value products based on what they have brought them. And if we want to let our driving gloves bring you something, 

they need to last … we needed to find the best durable leather out there. 

After a long search, investigation and many factory visits, peccary leather was the absolute winner and the only way for us to go. We are not saying all other driving gloves leather species are bad, we are a huge fan of deer and camel leather too! And at the end it’s really up to you what works, we already like the fact you are wearing driving gloves! 

"scars and defects are 

making each peccary 

driving glove unique"

what makes 
peccary leather so ... great FOR DRIVING GLOVES?

Well, dear reader, let me tell you; 

1.The suppleness of Peccary leather – it’s an abnormal experience fitting your hand into Peccary driving gloves. 

2.Peccary leather driving gloves are really strong, tough and really durable.
Slightly thicker compared to lamb, sheep or deer, which gives it a luxurious quality feel. 

3. Elasticity – it’s like Peccary leather has a memory … pull the Peccary leather and it will get back to its original shape. Even after wearing it for a long time! Yep, amaaazing

4. Peccary leather, in a driving gloves shape, are sticking to all surfaces including leather steering wheels. We did test with all kind of different leather species and peccary leather stands out, big time. 

5.Peccary leather is different! It differs itself by a soft, grainy surface which can be recognized by visible hair pores in groups of three. 

If you wear driving gloves, you better make sure you stand out :). 

6. In line with our vision, peccary leather is coming from a wild animal, which runs through the bushes in South America(Peru and Argentina), incurring scratches, scars and defects making each peccary driving glove unique.

I hear you thinking; “A wild animal? Is this legal?” 

Don’t you worry, this little wild animal will only be hunted legally and is strictly controlled and restricted by CITES guidelines. We certainly take  sustainability and ourresponsibility very seriously and pay a significantly higher price compared to others! If you have doubts, we can send you our CITES declaration. Last but not least, the Peccary leather skins are coming from South America only, the tanning process is done in Italy in a sustainable way since we were shocked about those polluting and inhuman ways of processing peccary leather in some parts of this world! 

So, now you know why we picked Peccary leather for our driving gloves. A combination of a leather specie which lasts and is sustainable(lifetime), is sourced in a legal way and differs through unique character traits. Yes, that comes with a price, but we are 100% sure it's worth it!   

"We certainly take our sustainability 

and responsibility very seriously 

and pay a significantly higher price 

compared to others!"