time honoured classic

The Time Honoured Men's Driving Gloves Collection is inspired by the most striking cars and motorcycles from the past to perfectly complement the looks of your beloved vehicle. Thus, improving your driving experience and taking it to a higher level. Beautifull cuoio – brown Peccary leather colors are used combined with exquisite palm or top colours, making sure this driving gloves collection suits most of the classic vehicles in an elegant way.

Brown leather driving gloves


Transcend the ordinary with red button flaps inspired by the iconic RPM redline.

Crochet red RPM Corda driving glovesCrochet red RPM Corda driving gloves


Slip into these gloves and transport yourself to the roaring era of vintage racing...

Crochet Type 35 blue driving glovesCrochet Type 35 blue driving gloves
Brown leather driving gloves
Brown leather driving gloves


Introducing our Italian Handcrafted Crochet Driving Gloves - Grand Prix edition where timeless elegance meets unmatched craftsmanship...

Crochet Grand Prix driving glovesCrochet Grand Prix driving gloves

yellow bird driving gloves

The design of these driving gloves is inspired by the mighty RUF CTR YELLOWBIRD... 

Yellow bird driving glovesYellow bird driving gloves
British green leather driving gloves
Brown leather driving gloves

Bianco hybrid driving gloves

A special edition combining a deerskin white top together with a cuoio brown Peccary leather palm, hence the name: Bianco Hybrid ...

Bianco hybrid white driving glovesBianco hybrid white driving gloves

corsa verde driving gloves

The name Corsa Verde is based on those perfect drives which feel like they’re never-ending. Inspired by British racing green combined with the elegance of Cuoio brown ... 

Corsa Verde green driving glovesCorsa Verde green driving gloves
British green leather driving gloves
Brown leather driving gloves

classico cuoio driving gloves

Classico doesn’t need an introduction, it speaks for itself. The Time Honoured collection serves the premium classic car driver with a pair of elegant and luxurious feeling driving gloves ...

Classico cuoio brown driving glovesClassico cuoio brown driving gloves

BLU NOTTE driving gloves

A beautiful dark blue Peccary leather top with a Cuoio brown palm for a classic, elegant and premium looking men's driving gloves. The threads have been finished in a similar Cuoio brown colour ...

Blu notte blue classic leather driving glovesBlu notte blue classic leather driving gloves
Blue leather driving gloves
Black grey leather driving gloves

classico nero driving gloves

Designed to match a broad range of motor-and car vehicles. Black combining with a duotone grey color are making these men's driving gloves stand out thus maintaining elegant ...

Classico nero black driving glovesClassico nero black driving gloves


made on REQUEST

Inspired by the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, this edition is made with a T-moro(dark Anthracite) top and a Bodeaux palm ...

Bordeaux driving gloves - made on requestBordeaux driving gloves - made on request
Bordeaux black driving gloves