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men's LEATHER driving gloves

We hear people often saying; “nah, I don’t wear driving gloves, it’s not for me.” Our top five most heard excuses for not wearing driving gloves: 

1. I don’t own a classic car 

2. I don’t own a proper supercar 

3. I think it looks silly 

4. Isn’t it a little prestigious? 

5. I don’t drive that fast 

The actual funny situation is, if you lay your men’s driving gloves on a table in front of some friends, all of them want to try them on (please don’t allow it, they will widen up your driving gloves)! All of your friends start to imagine themselves behind a steering wheel, with the eventual reaction of; “hmmm … I actually get the point why you are wearing driving gloves, it feels bad-ass.” 

It’s the stigma that is withdrawing us from buying driving gloves to match your car’s image.
Time for a change and make a difference! 

If we look at motorcyclists we can see a clear difference with car drivers. Motorcyclists certainly distinguish themselves by means of their outfit. They make a statement and express themselves openly by matching their outfits to their motorcycles. Imagine yourself a Ducati motorcyclist, big chance they are driving with a matching red outfit, probably with a back tag which is stating “DUCATI.” 

steve mcqueen
ryan gosling driver

It is that small finishing touch which makes the motorcyclist one with their machine. 

Yes, we hear you saying; “but an outfit of a motorcyclist also has a protection purpose.” 

We are with you, we admit, guilty … driving gloves are an attribute, but be really honest; doesn’t it look neat when wearing mens driving gloves behind the wheel? Certainly when the colour matches with a car exterior, interior or detail like a caliper. Remember Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive? Jason Statham in the movie TransporterThe movie director didn’t let these guys wear driving gloves to look silly or prestigious … they needed to look awesome! 

Yellow driving gloves

“Who does like to drive a car with a steering wheel falling apart?”

- Read about driving gloves that match a PorscheOf course, the men’s driving gloves will help you preserve the steering wheel against your lovely human oils and sweat. “Who does like to drive a car with a steering wheel falling apart?” Driving gloves will help you to have a better steering wheel grip (please notice that lamb leather driving gloves will be slippery on a leather steering wheel, peccary driving gloves will properly stick) and offer a lot of comfort during both warm and cold temperatures. 

But the truth is, the biggest advantage of wearing men’s driving gloves: they will contribute to your personal perfect driving experiences, and that’s the best argument we petrolheads can think of! 

A real paramount contribution to the driving aesthetic! 

P.s. I need not forget to mention that our men's driving gloves are being presented in our unique Essentials case, but more about that in our other article:).

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