"What makes a glove,

the best driving gloves?"

black driving gloves


brown driving gloves


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men's LEATHER driving gloves

There are many different kind of leather driving gloves out there, running from prices of 15$ up to a 600$. But what makes a driving glove, the best driving gloves? When we started OPINARI - Driver's Essentials, we didn't thought designing driving gloves to be that difficult. We needed the tackle many topics such as:

- Leather species
- Workmanship
- Design versus comfort to wear

To us, the following features of driving gloves are really make your gloves the best driving gloves.

Brown driving gloves

leather species

We are solely using peccary leather for our driving gloves. 

Peccary(read the entire story about it on the dedicated page) has the following benefits:

  • Peccary leather is very supple

  • Peccary leather driving gloves are really strong, tough and really durable

  • Elasticity, it always feels like its having a memory

  • Peccary leather, in a driving gloves shape, are sticking to all surfaces

  • Peccary leather is different and a unique leather species.

Green driving gloves


With regards to the workmanship. One can easily separate artisans driving gloves from production driving gloves. Please notice that we are not saying production driving gloves are bad, but there is a sincere difference between them.

  • Are the knuck holes finished or do they have a thread in it without any function?

  • Are the flaps, holding the press button, nicely finished and rounded with one or two threads?

  • Are the knuckle holes placed in the proper way and matching your hands? 
    We choose to use oval knuckle holes to make it suitable to all of our customers

  • Are the threads placed equally and straight?

  • Are there any loose stitches?

These above mentioned indicators are really telling you if you are buying good gloves,
or the best driving gloves in terms of a manufacturing point-of-view. Our driving gloves are being made 
within a process of about 4 up to 5 hours. Our artisans are doing nothing else than making driving gloves, because it's such a specialized product!

Blue Driving Gloves

design versus comfort

There always need to be found a balance between design and comfort. We took a lot of effort to find out what's best while driving and came up with a short, but very important aspects to make sure you have the best driving gloves.

  • Driving gloves need to be unlined, for the best communication with your steering wheel.

  • Are the gloves stitched on the outside? Inside stitched will not have a comfortable feel. You can feel the seam and thread on the inside.

  • Because of the missing lining on the inside, please make sure you go 0.5 size smaller compared to your regular winter gloves. A tight fitting driving gloves is essential to enjoy them!

Yellow driving gloves

Conclusion to find the best driving gloves

So, rounding it up: we appreciate it if the above-mentioned features can be seen in driving gloves.We are not trying to state that all others are not worth it, but due to our expertise, we figured it to be important. Just keep this in mind when purchasing your very best driving gloves!