Driving gloves, a corporate gift for the automotive industry

Do you want to boost your customer experience? Are you tired of handing out the same mundane gifts like a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers with every car? 

Then it’s time for you to make a change. It is time to go for unique OPINARI driving gloves.We offer you the rare opportunity to give your customers a gift that is completely personalized and matches the color combination of their car. This way you enhance your customer experience extensively and increase your customer loyalty. We can even provide the OPINARI driving gloves or OPINARI essentials case with your unique corporate branding, making it the ultimate gift for your most valued customers. 

Do you have an inquiry or an idea yourself? 

We are open for a good conversation. 

Please get in touch via business@opinari-drivers.com



Treat your visitors to a unique gift to create a lasting memory which takes them back to the incredible experience they had with you. You can for instance hand out the OPINARI essentials case during a briefing or at dinner as an exclusive feature. We can even come up with a special edition catered specifically to your visitors, but the choice is obviously yours! 

Do you have an inquiry or an idea yourself?
We are always up for a chat!
Please get in touch via business@opinari-drivers.com


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