TechnoClassica InterClassics MECC Maastricht

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Techno Classica InterClassics MECC Maastricht.

We were present on the 27th edition of InterClassics Maastricht. The theme of this year's exhibition was ‘Forgotten Classics'. Epic models of these ‘Forgotten Classics’ such as the Talbot Lago, Hispano Suiza, Pegaso, Spyker, Minerva, Bristol, Horch and more were on display during the 2020 edition of InterClassics Maastricht. The cars were being made available on loan by various international museums and private collectors. 

Interclassic is showing a broad variety of car decades, making it fantastic to visit. From prewar cars up to today's hypercars, all can be seen and it may be even feels like walking into a time machine. Apart from the many cars, Interclassics is showing many stands with small goods such as books, driving gloves and car related accessories. A must-have seen for true lovers of (classic) cars with petrol running through their veins. Interested to visit them next year? Check out for more information. According to us, this exhibition is OPINARI approved and we have seen enough cars to match our men's driving gloves series! Enjoy the footage!

Interclassics Maastricht

Siata 208S 8V

Porsche 356 pininfarina

InterClassics Maastricht 2020

Maserati 3500 Vignale Spyder


 Lancia Rally 037 Stradale

Mclaren P1 Mclaren Senna Buggati Chiron

Alfa Rally

Porsche GT interior

Ford GT40

Bentley MK VI Special "Justine"

Alfa Romeo 8C

Lancia Delta Intergrale

Lamborghini 400 2+2 GT

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