our new addition to the collection
"the classic opinari sweat"

express your car passion everywhere you go

comes in black and grey,

finished by a stunning

3D embroidery with a subtle gloss

opinari TYPE DATA TAG - ode.cosw.01

How to relate our sweaters to the car industry? Simply look under the hood of each car and one will find a special Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) tag, such as our sweats have! The tag refers to the type of car and states its unique production number. 

We kept it to our unique limited production badge no., so the production badge which is now on sale naming: ODE.COSW.01, will be in as long as this badge is in stock. Since we are producing small badges, we figured it would be a nice reference to take the "Low Volume Vehicle Registration Plate" from New Zealand as an outline. So, shift gear and make sure you will be become an owner of this very first badge!

- 330GSM heavy sweat 
- Back Yoke "The Spoiler"

- 100% superior unbrushed cotton
- 1X1 rib at cuffs
- flatlook stitching