New! The Tourer Backpack

New! The Tourer Backpack - Opinari - Driver's Essentials

The Tourer Backpack is the newest addition to the OPINARI travel collection. These Tourer Backpacks are the ultimate way to move stylishly every day of the week and still subtly show your passion for cars.

The Tourer Backpack is provided in a duo tone design. A black-grained leather bottom, back, and adjustable shoulder straps are resembling the tire’s profile. A rougher surface that provides plenty of grip.

The smooth full grain grey color symbolizes the bodywork of your car. Subtle red details, applied by hand, have been used to make an outstanding combination with our driving gloves editionRoadTripper Bag, and of course your car. The outside has been finished with our well-known aluminum CNC-made signature VIN tag.



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