Germany and cars, an unbreakable connection ...

Germany and cars, an unbreakable connection ... - Opinari - Driver's Essentials

Spring Event 2019, known for its dynamic character. This isn't your average static car meet. Spring Event offers you to challenge a driver on the dragstrip or see how your sports car handles around the circuit, release those horsepowers! You are even allowed to do a round of drifting on a special wet track. Visitors from all over Europe showed up, to make this day one to remember!

OPINARI - Driver's Essentials was invited by VDM cars to join them on their booth, and boy they pulled it off! Showing up with 12 supercars, including a Bugatti Chiron, it was an impressive entrance to the event. Needless to say, our display with our Velocity driving gloves collection in it, standing next to a Lamborghini Aventador SV wasn't too bad either. Perfectly showing the match between our vision of matching your accessories and apparel to your beloved vehicle! Be honest, those green hell driving gloves do look good on the AMG GTR right?

Our special thanks to VDM cars for hosting us!


Lamborgini Aventador SV

Lamborgini Aventador SV

Mercedes A45AMG

Brabus BiTurbo800Porsch GT3RS

Bugatti Chiron

Nissan GTRMclaren P1

Mercedes AMG GTR Green Hell

Mercedes AMG GTR

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