Tourer Backpack - Rosso Acceso

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The Tourer Backpack is the newest addition to the OPINARI travel collection. These Tourer Backpacks are the ultimate way to move stylishly every day of the week and still subtly show your passion for cars.

Product highlights:

  • Fully handcrafted in Italy
  • Premium duotone calfskin leather
  • Waterproof jacquard lining
  • Aluminium - VIN - tag on the outside
  • Solid Brass hardware
  • Hangtag with initials service

Tourer Backpack - Rosso Acceso

Tourer Backpack - Rosso Acceso - Opinari - Driver's Essentials

Duotone design

The black grained leather on the bottom of the duotone resembles the tire's profile, a rougher surface, whereas the smooth full-grain leather symbolizes the bodywork of your car. 

Subtle details

The color-painted sides are done 7 times, painted, sanded, painted etc.
This gives this bag a unique character and differs compared to machine-painted.

Palladium hardware

Solid Brass Palladium finished hardware and support feet.


Tourer Backpack - Rosso Acceso

The Tourer Backpack is the newest addition to the OPINARI travel collection.These Tourer Backpacks are the ultimate way to move stylishly every day of the week and still subtly show your passion for cars.

The Tourer Backpack is provided in a duo-tone design. A black-grained leather bottom, back, and adjustable shoulder straps are resembling the tire’s profile. A rougher surface that provides plenty of grips.

The smooth full-grain grey color symbolizes the bodywork of your car. Subtle red details, applied by hand, have been used to make an outstanding combination with ourdriving gloves edition,RoadTripper Bag, and of course your car.The outside has been finished with our well-known aluminum CNC-made signature VIN tag and a hang tag provided with your initials(max. 8 characters).

The Tourer Backpack is provided with two compartments, the main compartment, and a front pocket to store your driving gloves. Both palladium zippers are reaching deep sideways, making it easy to store and take out your belongings.

The main compartment also offers dedicated space for a 13 – 15.6” laptop, a small flat pocket for your documents, and a double penholder.  The lining of the Tourer Backpack is made of jacquard lining, with water-repellant properties. All hardware is made of solid brass with a strong palladium coating. The back is equipped with a trolley sleeve that slides over the luggage handle of your suitcase.

The perfect backpack to complement your OPINARI collection and to carry around every day of the week. 

Handcrafted in



Calf full graind leather

Leather color

Grey top / black bottom

Thread color






Grey black red car backpack

Tourer Backpack - Rosso Acceso

The Tourer backpack is completely handcrafted by our Italian artisans with respect for traditional methods.

Italian handmade duffle bagHandpainted sides duffle bag italian


Designed with detail

The tourer backpack series is handcrafted and put through strict procedures to match the OPINARI philosophy. All of our products are inspired by the automotive industry and went through an extensive design process to translate car characteristics into unique creations, unmistakable supporting your personal car lifestyle


Crafted with care

Embracing Italy's rich artisanal traditions, skilled craftsmen carefully create the Tourer backpacks by hand, without the use of mass production techniques.

The painted sides undergo a seven-step process, involving layers of paint, sanding, and subsequent layers of paint. This approach lends each bag a distinctive character, setting it apart from machine-painted alternatives.


Respecting traditional methods

Every component is hand-cut and sewn individually, reflecting our commitment to precision and craftsmanship. Our production process steers clear of large-scale assembly lines, opting instead for small batches that prioritize attention to detail.

Handmade italian duffle bags by aritsans

"The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail"

~Charles R.Swindoll.

Keyhanger opinari italian

Find like minded drivers.

OPINARI products are accompanied by a carefully crafted key ring. Our aim is to unite drivers through unique expressions of their passion. We believe the beautiful key ring to be a symbol of one's search for the perfect driving experience. Now it's up to you to find like minded drivers with an OPINARI keyring and exchange your passion.


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